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Guest Choreographer

Sakinah LeStage with Shoskillz International was the guest hip hop instructor and choreographer October 5 -7, 2012. Over 50 girls studied with Sakinah, learning the dance moves she taught Ausitn Mahone for his new video "Say Something".

Sakinah worked with both the intermediate and advanced classes, with girls from the 4th to 12th grade. In addition, she helped prepare dances for both performing companies and their upcoming 2013 dance competitions.

Sakinah travels all over the world teaching and choreographing. She trained at the Dekalb School of the Arts, University of South Florida and with Mia Michaels. She has choreographed for artists such as T-Pain, Mario and Jagged Edge. She has also worked with Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, Fergie and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As mentioned above, she is the choreographer and Creative Director for the new artist, Austin Mahone.


Visit our Facebook page for more photos from the weekend's instruction.


Scholarship Awarded

Camryn Adams has been awarded a scholarship for an entire year of dance instruction. The grant was provided by Monsters on the Move, an non-profit dancer-support group out of Maryland.


camryn adamsCamryn received the scholarship as a result of her long fight against Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a disorder that prevents the body from making a certain collegen. Without this collegen, bones break easily. Camryn's doctors have said the best form of therapy is dance. It builds stronger muscles that help prevent breaks.


This scholarship is as unique as Camryn. Her tuition is covered, but she is asked to give back. As their website says, "An important part of MOVE's mission involves scholarship recipients "paying it forward" by giving back in some way to their school, church or community. This unique twist to scholarship requirements is intended to instill a greater sense of appreciation and accomplishment on the part of the recipient."


If you would like to contribute to Monsters on the Move, click here.


We wish the best to Camryn in this upcoming dance year and hope for her continued improvement against Osteogenesis Imperfecta.


Scenes From Our 2012 Recital

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