Dance Classes


Ages 3-4 Years

This class is geared to produce rhythm, coordination and to stimulate the imagination. Classes are 50 minutes weekly. Classroom attire consists of any color leotard or dance dress, tights, and pink ballet shoes. Capezio dance shoes are required.

Ballet- Tap Combo

Ages 5-10 Years

One hour weekly, with multiple levels based on age and experience with and the basics of ballet  and tape are taught.  Classroom attire is the same as Pre-Ballet. Capezio pink split sole ballet shoes for 2nd grade and older. Capezio tan Mary Jane tap shoes are required for all combo classes.


2nd Grade and up

Students are placed according to ability, age and experience. This class is one hour weekly. All students must take a ballet class in order to be enrolled. Classroom attire consists of black jazz shorts, solid color top, light suntan tights and tan slip-on Capezio jazz shoes.

Intermediate & Advanced Tap

By Instructor Recommendation

This 45 minute technique class focuses on faster and more intricate footwork. Dancers will develop speed, clarity, dynamics and the ability to execute complex rhythmic combinations. Capezio black tap oxford shoes #CG16 are required.

Intermediate Ballet

By Instructor Recommendation

This hour weekly class is a more in-depth approach to fundamentals and techniques.  Lyrical and contemporary styles introduced.  Class attire consists of a solid color leotard and suntan tights with pink Capezio split sole ballet shoes. Hair must be up in a bun.

Advanced Ballet

By Instructor Recommendation

A one and a half-hour ballet class will be offered to students who qualify. Classical technique along with lyrical and contemporary combinations are taught. Pink Capezio split sole ballet shoes and Capezio half sole shoes are required. Hair must be up in a bun.


By Instructor Recommendation

Ballet barre, technique, center floor and performance are taught. A student taking pointe is required to take an additional ballet class weekly. Classroom attire consists of a black leotard and white or pink tights and Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. Hair must be up in a bun. Classes are one hour weekly.

Performing Groups

By Audition

Our performing companies have been performing since 1990. Dancers range in age from 8-18 with dancing experience from 5-14 years. An audition is held in the spring with outside judges.

Adult Classes

Post- High School

For physical fitness and improving coordination, you can't beat dancing. Our adult classes provide both as well as the enjoyment of jazz, stretching, and tap. Classroom attire consists of exercise wear and Capezio black tap oxford shoes. No recital performance is necessary.


We have classes for every level



Yes, dancing is fun.  But dance classes also teach your child ideas they can use for life; teamwork, confidence, fitness, discipline, and joy.  That's why we say "dance lessons are life lessons".

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